SCSAE Vision

Through its programs, services, resources and organizational processes, SCSAE demonstrates and promotes excellence in association management for South Carolina association management professionals.

SCSAE Mission

The mission of SCSAE is to support and encourage SC association professionals’ achievement of excellence in every aspect of association management.

SCSAE Strategic Goals

Goal #1 Provide members with education and professional development opportunities that build competency, skills and knowledge.

Goal #2 Be the preferred source for networking and relationship building for the association industry.

Goal #3 Demonstrate, promote and recognize excellence in the association management profession.

Goal #4 Be a timely and comprehensive resource for information on the association management industry and profession.

Goal #5 Foster the associate and regular member relationships in effort to best meet their respective needs and business objectives.

Goal #6 SCSAE will achieve organizational excellence in governance, volunteer leadership and business practices.

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SCSAE Bylaws

SCSAE Strategic Plan Adopted May 9, 2008